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Immunology Assay Core

The Immunology Assay Core is housed within the Division of Immunology.

Evaluation of the immune response is a crucial element in studies of infectious disease and immunologically mediated disease. Knowledge of the basic mechanism and the level of cellular and humoral immune responses (both innate and adaptive) in nonhuman primates can help elucidate humane disease pathogenesis as well as therapeutic and/or preventative vaccine development. Providing basic immunological assays, development of new assays and improving existing ones for the evaluation of the immune response in nonhuman primates is one of the major goals for the Immunology Assay Core.


  • High volume PCR-based MHC typing assay for 10 alleles of Indian origin Rhesus macaques. 
  • Multicolor staining for flow cytometry acquisitions. 
  • Irradiation of biological samples using a Mark I Model 30 Irradiator.
  • Body composition scanning using the GE Lunar Prodigy Total Body Fan Beam densitometer. The dual energy x-ray absorptometry (DEXA) scanning on animal subjects can measure bone mass, fat tissue and muscle mass. 
  • Consultation on immunologic al assays of nonhuman primate studies. 
  • MHC typing for MHC Class I and II alleles for Indian Rhesus macaques. 

Contact Information 

Amitinder Kaur, MD, Director of the Immunology Assay Core
Erin Haupt Lab Supervisor of the Immunology Assay Core