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Mentoring Programs

The Tulane National Primate Research Center currently offers three mentoring programs:

Junior Faculty Mentoring Program

Initiated in 2015 and aimed at assistant professors, this program addresses quantifiable and non-quantifiable aspects of academia. This includes understanding the official expectation of a certain minima of papers and grants, and the human endeavor required to meet that goal. Senior faculty serve as mentors and each mentee has three mentors.

Senior Faculty and Senior Staff-led Sessions

Initiated in 2016, this program is a forum for mid-level and junior faculty, trainees and graduate students to hear senior scientists discuss their personal experiences dealing with a particular topic that spans both professional and personal spaces, and to contribute their own experience.

Trainee Mentoring Program

Initiated in mid-2016, this program offers research scientists, postdocs and graduate students the services of an experienced mentor in one-on-one sessions. Dr. Cariappa Annaiah is the sole mentor, and holds voluntary and confidential meetings, under strict guidelines.

For more information about mentoring programs, please contact Dr. Cariappa Annaiah.