Quality Assurance Program

The Quality Assurance Unit at TNPRC is dedicated to the achievement of institutional academic excellence, by the provision of services essential for the attainment of rigorous and reproducible scientific data across all research activities.  


  • Build the quality assurance frameworks necessary to ensure center-wide excellent research practices.

  • Institute rigorous quality standards in all research laboratories.

  • Provide quality training programs and resources.

  • Improve institutional effectiveness by creating a Quality Program supporting faculty in attainment of research awards.

  • Ensure continuous quality enhancement in programs.

These objectives are achieved through the center-wide implementation of the pioneering TNPRC Quality Program. The Quality Program is an institutional initiative designed to enhance best practices, resulting in the generation of meticulous quality data. Quality data is defined by the absence of errors and conducting research under the Quality Program ensures traceability of process, reduces error, and allows for both internal and external reproducibility of data.  

The Quality Program determines critical to quality factors in both our research laboratories and supporting services, and runs risk assessments to determine how these factors influence data quality.  This allows the Quality Assurance Unit to work with individual research laboratories to determine their unique needs, and so most effectively enhance their processes. By implementation of quality principles such as standardization of procedures, exemplary training and proficiency programs, and enhancement of record-keeping, the Quality Assurance Unit has demonstrated the vital role of the Quality Program in augmenting the research process at TNPRC.