Behavioral Management

TNPRC’s behavioral management program is highly integrated with other aspects of animal husbandry and veterinary care. The program is implemented by a team of dedicated behavioral management technicians as well as all animal husbandry technicians who maintain all components of care that support and enhance psychological well-being. The psychological well-being of animal care refers to an animal’s ability to engage in the behaviors and activities they would perform in the wild and their ability to adapt to their physical and social environment. 

Some of the many aspects of our behavioral management program include social housing management (including the forming, monitoring, and maintaining compatible groups), animal training using positive reinforcement, and a wide variety of environmental enhancements. These enhancements include structures for climbing and play, varied feeding enrichment, and the use of toys and other objects that provide novelty and present opportunities for foraging or problem-solving. 

The success of our behavioral management program relies on close observation of each individual animal and is evidence-based to continually strengthen and tailor it to the needs of individual animals.

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