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Division of Immunology

The Division of Immunology conducts basic and applied immunology studies of disease processes with a focus on infectious diseases such as AIDS, CMV and Tuberculosis

The primary mission of the Division of Immunology is to continue to develop a strong independent research program  and  function  as  a  resource  to  the  general  scientific  community for nonhuman primate immunology expertise, technological development and scientific collaboration. The Division research program will continue to be a leader in providing and developing immunological technologies in the nonhuman  primate  model. 

The major research focus is to understand basic mechanisms of cellular and humoral immunity using several different non-human primate models of disease, including SIV, CMV and TB. The service mission is carried out primarily through two research cores (Flow Cytometry and Immunology Assay) that provide comprehensive immunology services to Core and Affiliate Scientists that use the resources of the TNPRC.

The functions of the Division can be divided into three main areas:

  1. Research Programs
  2. Research Resources
  3. Education & Training Opportunities