Clinical Pathology Core

The Clinical Pathology Core is housed within the Division of Comparative Pathology. 

The Clinical Pathology Core (CPC) plays a crucial role in providing clinical pathology services to clinicians and researchers at the Tulane National Primate Research Center (TNPRC). The CPC is vital to the health maintenance of the colony, as well as to essentially every research program at the TNPRC. The CPC performs all diagnostic blood, biologic fluid, and microbial culture and sensitivity testing for all research and colony animals housed at the TNPRC. This includes performing routine complete blood counts (CBC) and clinical chemistries (up to 29 analytes), and all bacterial and fungal culture and identifications to the species level. The CPC also provides several additional diagnostic and research assays as requested, including microprotein, C-reactive protein, and several others if requested. Finally, the CPC provides expert consulting and advice to numerous investigators representing several institutions regarding sample collection, preparation, and stability. The CPC also logs and maintains archival records of all these data collected from nonhuman primates (NHP) housed at the TNPRC throughout its history.

The CPC is staffed by four American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP) certified medical technologists who provide bacteriology, hematology, and clinical chemistry analyses, and advice to clinical and research staff, and to core and affiliate scientists.


Peter Didier, DVM, Ph.D., Director of the Clinical Pathology Core | 

Robin Sherar, MT (ASCP), Lab Supervisor of the Clinical Pathology Core | 


When utilizing research resources made possible by the TNPRC Clinical Pathology Core, please cite â€¨RRID: SCR_024609. For additional information on acknowledging Tulane National Primate Research Center resources, please see here.