Amir Ardeshir, PhD, DVM

Associate Professor of Microbiology and Immunology

(985) 871-6263
18703 Three Rivers Road, Covington LA 70433
Amir Ardeshir, PhD, DVM

Education & Affiliations

DVM, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
Residency in Veterinary Surgery, Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
MPVM, University of California, Davis
Ph.D., Comparative Pathology, University of California, Davis


Dr. Ardeshir's lab focuses on deciphering the complex interplay between the microbiome and host immune systems to enhance health and well-being. Employing rhesus macaque models and a systems biology methodology, the lab investigates microbiome dynamics and immune system development to uncover the mechanisms underlying host-microbiome interactions. This knowledge is harnessed to design practical interventions for preventing or treating infectious diseases.

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Research programs 

  • Unraveling the mechanisms that govern the establishment and maintenance of gut microbiota throughout life.

  • Examining the role of gut microbiota in shaping the development and function of the immune system, including responses to vaccines and interventions against infectious diseases.

  • Evaluating the consequences of disruptions in the balanced gut flora and their long-term impact on health and disease.

  • Creating effective therapeutic strategies to modulate microbial communities and optimize host-microbiota interactions for improved health outcomes.

  • Employing viral entry inhibitor antibody-like molecules for disease prevention and treatment.