Pyone Pyone Aye, PhD

Associate Professor of Medicine

Assistant Director for Collaborative Research
(985) 871-6486
18703 Three Rivers Road, Covington LA 70433
Pyone Pyone Aye

Education & Affiliations

BVS, Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Husbandry, Yangon, Myanmar
MS, University of Hawaii at Manoa
PhD, Ohio State University



Research Interests

  • HIV/ SIV vaccine

  • HIV/ SIV pathogenesis and immunology

  • Research administration and management


Research Programs

Simian Vaccine Evaluation Unit

Pre-clinical trial of HIV vaccine on behalf of Preclinical Research and Development Branch, Vaccine Research Program, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Collaborative Research

The Unit of Collaborative Research facilitates a critical part of the central mission of the NPRC program by providing access to nonhuman primate resources to affiliate scientists. The unit provides assistance to affiliate scientists who wish to use the resources of the TNPRC, but do not have an established collaboration with TNPRC core scientists. The unit also assists core investigators who have established collaborations with affiliate scientists to assure that access to resources is efficient.


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