Peter Didier, PhD, DVM

Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Chief of Diagnostic Pathology Services
(985) 871-6289
18703 Three Rivers Road Covington, Louisiana 70433


Dr. Didier is a Professor of Pathology in the Department of Pathology at Tulane University School of Medicine and has served as Chief of the Diagnostic Pathology Services at TNPRC since 2005. He is a veterinary pathologist with over 30 years pathology experience, and has specialized in nonhuman primate and lab animal pathology since 1988. As Core Scientist, he supervises the diagnostic anatomic pathology services including the necropsy and clinical pathology labs, and ensures that necropsies and clinical results are generated accurately and reported in a timely manner. He also generates the monthly colony pathology report, and with assistance from the other pathologists and veterinarians in the Division of Veterinary Medicine, tracks the incidence and prevalence of diseases in the colony, and presents the morbidity and mortality statistics at Grand Rounds.

Dr. Didier is also the TNPRC representative on the Pathology Working Group of the Nonhuman Primate Research Center Consortium.

Editorial Responsibilities

Journal of Medical Primatology
Member, editorial board

Education & Affiliations

BS, Biology, Chemistry, Western Kentucky University
DVM., Veterinary Medicine, The Ohio State University
PhD, Veterinary Pathology, University of Illinois


Dr. Didier's research interests include comparative pathology of AIDS, microsporidiosis, tuberculosis, and biodefense models of disease. He has provided histopathology support for model development studies of pox virus infection in rabbits and monkeys as well as morphometric analysis for the tuberculosis projects where quantitative measurement of tissue involvement is required, as well as interpretation of confocal and immunohistologic studies. He is an authority on microsporidiosis in domestic animals and author of a chapter on the textbook for infectious diseases used by veterinary students worldwide. He is also on the editorial board for the Journal of Medical Primatology, and is a reviewer for Journal of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene, Journal of Infectious Diseases, and Journal of Comparative Medicine. Dr. Didier also serves at Chief of Diagnostic Services and is a member of the RBL Users Committee.